Saturday, 20 October 2007

Rue de Bustle Boom

A zim bah don't ---a zim bah doo
Cacciatore vindaloo.
Ever had that dish?
.........Ain't just a fish.
Ever heard that song?
........Zazz zithers on.

A song you only hear in places far too hot for trousers.
The people play--their banjos--are much bigger than their houses.

That's why the folks are living in la rue de Bustle Boom.
The instruments that shelter woe are taking all the room.
Elated habitation in the street.
Engine running--kiss the people on the cheek.

They stop their cars for very long hellos.
Imagine--this were London, broken nose.
Could call it dedicated musication
Voices I adored while on vacation

Singin' to the music that they live for
Midnight melodies on steps of door.
And kiddies cruisin' makin' noises sweet.
My neighbors here--they never could complete.

How come you all assembled in the road?
The weather here invites--it's never cold.
Tonight--a sunset movie--outdoor screening.
From my seat, I eye the sea is teeming.

Minarets and steeples slice the view.
Peeling pastel building magic hues.
Tunisian boats and Corsican cargo.
Travel on to ports--the waving slow.

Tonight we go again to stroll the port.
Come with us--our friendship's like a fort.
Famed "Le Panier"--older than Marseille.
We reach the beach to spend another day.
We seek to teach you life is full of play.
So humbled by the clouds of London's gray.

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