Thursday, 11 October 2007

Oven Chip Man

What is that crackling? Glad I'm not looking.
It's me and my oven chips--process of cooking.
Oven Chip Man. So where are your fish?
How will you eat them? Do you have a dish?

I like oven chips. They're so easy to make.
You can fry them up, microwave, boil or bake.
Nice with Premium Haddock in Light Breaded Crumbs
And I finish them off with my pickled onions.

But My Oven Chip Man, tell me where are your peas?
My mother's not here so I'm skipping my greens.
Is it wise to neglect so essential a color?
Life with just oven chips has to be duller.

Course you can't think that I only eat chips.
If that were the case, I'd have 48 hips.
The grease would rise up and bloat up the whole body.
And after a while, I'd be looking quite shoddy.

You don't look a chip-eater? Look in the mirror.
Here's some spray cleaner so it can be clearer.
Don't let that dust on there spoil the view.
Then go give your treadmill...something to do.

Please pardon if chip advice causes a sting.
But, I know you can take it--- like Fisting King.
Fishing King--Fisting King. But which one is it?
How do you do that? Do you stand up or sit?

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