Thursday, 31 July 2008

Kings head performance

My most recent husband....He was nibbler.
He died the same day I plugged in the sonic mouse repeller.
Just like this here.
Any men in the room with pacemakers, weak hearts, or rodent history, stand back or leave the room.
I guess it tells something about his genes.
I complained to company who made it...tried to get a lawsuit going as I'm sure it killed him.
But they
Downstairs at the kings head crouch end. 8pm

Monday, 21 July 2008

How deep 5:12 am. Not me. someone else. Well. Sonic mice repellents do work. I don't know what they are doing to me, but the mice have vanished. They left so fast, they didn't have time to pack. Left all their little mice suitcases in disarray.
Favourite lines from the party: Supermum-"Ooh. Fortnum and Mason. Is this really from there or do you just fill it up? You got it because of the pattern didn't you."
more later on this. I am sorry I have passed Richard's list to her. Why did I do that?


Found three 2 by 3 foot stretcher bars today on the way back from taking Ben to school. Painted in the china shop. Some cups with cars on. I have sold out. ANd a striped cup. Chatting with Diana Leary who makes the dandelion plates. Certain paint for porcelain. another paint for bone china. And Royal Doulton has moved their factory to China recently, so this is why we have a shortage of vases to paint, as they are not in the mood to ship their excess seconds...large vases overseas anymore. so have to find another source for the bone china. I think it is a shame. Everything is made in China. The big dragon will come and bite us in the ass one day...infact they are already feasting.
Ben has put his underpants on sideways this afternoon....after a dip in the paddling pool. And was quite comfy up until a moment ago. Margaret has pressed purchase and is going to see us in Spain, but is flying into another destination...not Barcelona or Girona. Oh well. We will be in the same country.
Mum recieved the school tea towel today. Ben is featured three times as I was in charge of having it done. It is two weeks until we go away. Tiem flying. Julia was here with us today at school and in the park. She was telling of her six weeks around Italy when Ben interrupted. Matilda's mother has called her other daughter Eleanor. (Lisa) They are both names that my Grandma Adilaide used to mention when she talked about her bridge club. I must download Ben's highchair onto her this week. Or it goes to oxfam.
Adam's party is Saturday in Regents Park. Plumber cancelled today but will come tomorrow. Oscar phoned over the weekend. He is still gearing up for the football conference in Istanbul. I will talk with him tomorrow and catch up. He has been in China, Argentina, and Switzerland arranging it.
I missed aqua jazz tonight. I will have to swim tomorrow. I swam on Saturday and steamed. It was really what I needed. Serpentine had an opening tonight. Would have been nice, but Ben fell asleep early.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

What a fabulous birthday.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

No time lately for bloggin as Ben has completely taken over the computer with watching his Dr. Who dvd. Steam cleaning the stickers off the kitchen floor and got quote for fistures from the plumbing shop. Leather lane goodies for the party. Next step is to scan and send this quote with an estimate from new plumber visiting tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Ongoing plumbing situation. Today a breakthrough. Caspar has recommended his reasonable plumbing and bathroom man , Romy. Not so extortionate. Will know by tomorrow if the insureres in Japan will pay for this repair.
In the park until closing time. Ben stripped off and enjoyed the paddling pool. Everyone was out and Julia joined us. WIll get some tables from Coram for the party. And thinking perhaps pizza from Ciao Bella or Costco. And many courgettes to grill.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Three mobile is crap

My negative experience with 3 Mobile:

I found out recently that they have been charging me for an old number I had with them(which I thought was cancelled as it was stolen) and sending the bill to my old address. Although they agree that there has been no usage on the bill for over a year, they are not going to reimburse me money that has been direct debited from my account. As I had another contract with three, I did not query the direct debit until now. This is very unfair. They are a large company with millions of pounds and they don't want to reimburse me for line rental on a phone that has not been used for over a year, a bill not even gonig to my current address....Please. Don't get a 3 phone. That's my only come back.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

18 Things to do in Barcelona

My apologies to anyone searching for art on this site lately. It is just daily living at present. But ther's always art in that. Today, I meant to go to the gym, but got sidetracked by the Queen's Square festival and ended up with a ceramic head of Audrey ...already forgot her last name. Oh dear. So I'll just call it Audrey. Then to the local bookstore for a guidebook on Barcelona. 18 must find things to do.

1. The Parc Guell created by Anotnio Gaudi

2. Antonio Tapies Museum: Possibly closed for renovations

3. Stroll the Barri Gotico, the historic part of Barcelona.

4. Visit Montserrat and Montseny National Park

5. Sitjes beach 35km south of Barcelona

6. Go to the beach and repeat.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Double Door Norma At Decima

Hell. Dallaston Dalston same thing. Here we are in Dallas..ton. Kind a like Dallas but kind a not. Dalston. like Ralston ....Purina company...the dog food makers. Just an aside...just something I noticed. Ain't gonna win a prize for knowledge like that...I know.
Got one friend like thata....called Lynch....Steven Reginald Lynch. That man... he spend his whole life sitting on the john memorizing little facts about the world out of 50 cent paperback he got for his 21st birthday. He still on the first chapter.

He think it gonna save him one day....get into college, Win him a million dollars or get him on the right side of Lola's sister..... a date with her would set the world right for Reginald Lynch. She bar tends at Lola's on Tuesdays. He might get that....a date with Lola's sister...he might, but I don't think she's that bothered if he knows the length of the Zambezi or not. Who cares how long it is. Let's just call it a river and be done.

People who sit on the toilet and memorize facts about the world.....they pretty far removed from my social circle. I only know about or Of them. I don't want to know how many presidents there have been....or how many q-tips come in a regular container, who was the fourteenth person to sign the declaration of independence? Who cares about number 14....he dead now. He number 14.....wasn't the first, wasn't the last. Not too early, not too late. Sounds like I'm describing something ex-husband.... oh and there he is now. What he doing in the audience? He's supposed to be down in the Zona Rosa....Mexico City. That's where we met..many yeees ago. He was working there.