Friday, 26 October 2007

Foot To Stomach Aeroplanes

The pond--the reeds, the tallish stalks
Rustling-- no need to talk
Lapsed alert about her eyes
River winding out of sight.

Back inside the earthen tick
The tweets of sparrows pitched and quick
Isabella--dress so fair
Swings below the branches bare

Strolling are the poshest ladies
Roll the perfume of the babies
Searching for a shadowed spot
Holding head--unbutton top.

Windy walks, I tread The Heath
Kites are pulled from underneath
By happy smiles of young and old
As couples kiss, the benches hold

As do the rains for hours more
But then betrayed, begins to pour
The muddied earth beneath our feet
Alas we back to warmth and heat.

Bubbles clasp the heels of bath
Water spills--a child laughs
Echoes on ceramic tiles
For miles and miles and miles.

Fingers eye and says, "my ear."
Little red--my little dear
Come to Mummy--kiss it better
"B" for Benjamin--his letter.

Candle held awaits a light
Sing the "Happy Birthday" rite.
Foot to stomach aeroplanes
Falling down- " Again, Again."

Plastic bag on Teddy's head
Take it off--he'll soon be dead.
Not for naps--the jumping bed
The latest scar-- a shiny red.

Pulls my bracelet, "Come with me."
Chocolate milk-- a top-up needs
"Quiet please"-- a gentle phrase
Becomes "Shut up"--by end of day.

A saviour in the form of Tony
Bearing gifts of Cannelloni--
"Come on Ben"--again to park
Find some trees--take off the bark

And bites of days delayed by needs
Another tissue-- wipe the sneeze.
Disappear, the day is free
Thank you for this luxury.
Keys and coat--the cartoon cloister
Shopping list--a tiny oyster.

Flowered suitcase to entice
Never go the same place twice
Paths we lay--they soon grow over
Honeysuckle, bluebell, clover.

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