Saturday, 6 October 2007

Forty-Five Lives

  1. This is Massamiliano, a pharmacist from Florence. He has a secret plan. If he puts it into action, he'll be driving a Porsche in one year instead of five.
  2. Rufi who is from Bulgaria lives in the attic of The King's Head in a small seaside town. His daytrips to France are becoming extended weekends.
  3. Oliver once played the horn, he was once photographed in the nude for artistic purposes. Twice, he married. Now, he resides with a man who drinks twice as much as he does. Three is not enough.
  4. Paul Bradley who is an engineer in Chicago has pancakes after church as a reward for sitting through the sermon. He took up sailing last summer and it took him down.
  5. Lawrence Lieberman has penned and published many poems. His propositions involved prepositions.
  6. Mary, Paul's wife, sings in the choir. She believes that in the great world of office politics, you are either a barracuda or a bunny. She has since resigned from the position that inspired this thought as she was too "bunny".
  7. Nicolene likes big sheepdogs. She grew up on a farm in South Africa. She says that some sheepdogs are racist.
  8. Raphael Barbier is a set designer from Zurich. He used to date a trapeze artist from Cirque De Soliel in Montreal.
  9. Henry took his wife and child iceskating at Somerset HOuse. Then, they built a snowman...but he was melting too quickly, so they saved his head. It's in the freezer next to the icecream.
  10. Tareq was voted Mr. Turkey 2000. He can get into any night club or country club for free.

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