Monday, 22 September 2008

Sunday Greenwich, a nice adventure with Kevin and Ben.

Thursday, 11 September 2008


Ben was making "rainbows" in the school bathroom. Thumb over faucet...spraying. A small flood developed. Eight or nine kids all piled in for a skidding festival. 3pm all the school jumpers drying on the radiator. Mr. Mansell was called in. Rachel's son was also in on it. Plugging up the basin drains with paper towels. Quite a prank for a four year old. Ben's first school prank.

Frome the monde to the mundane.

A long hiatus. A few weeks in Barcelona and another week in Venice. H0lding onto my tan. Hoping the rain doesn't wash it away too quickly. Modi here for a few days. Business to clear up with Venice. Some china to paint. Saw shedman last night at our usual restaurant. Cafe de Paris had a party, but we didn't go.