Monday, 25 May 2009

rough sketch for cones as art

No self-respecting art collector should be without a cone.
I've been in this here tate modern.
I see what you people are into. It like a DIY store in here....yall got bricks, cones, piles of ceeeement, glass cubes ...and little balls all in a row.
I tell you my idea,if ya'll some art....I got some right here. this is a plate with a sea bass on it. Ya'll can look at it and say...Hey, that's a sea bass.
This here is a cone. But it ain't no ordinary not at all. It's usually on the road for directing traffic as to where not to go.
However, I have rescued it and given it a new life.
First of all, I find it very useful for cone dancing. Cone dancin a new thing. Like mobile pole dancing. Ya'll can twirl around it and even sit on it. But the ones I've sat on, they go for more money.
I'm figuring to have a show of cones. They all orange usually, but I'm painting them up in different colours...just like ipods. And then, just to be modern, I'm gonna line them up in a row...all mysterious like. Like a family of cones...a series.