Sunday, 14 October 2007

Domestic Dark Abyss

Ash in glass and apple eaten
But not to the core.
GI Joe and Thomas Trains
Clean the kitchen floor

Before you slip on tracks and blocks
assorted puzzle pieces,
Reunite the lonely socks
And put away the peaches.

Tidy up the teddies
As they're finished with their picnic.
Blueish hue--uneaten lunch
And crushed up chocolate chicks.

Separate dried weetabix
From top of kitchen table.
Soak it with some water first.
Then scrape if still unable.

Keep scrapin' with the crayon on the door.
You don't him not to do it anymore.

Recycle all the plastic
When you take the garbage out.
Hoover up the marmalade,
Then defrost the trout.

Washer to the dryer--
From the dryer to the bed.
Bed to drawers and closet
For tomorrow, start again.

Tobasco Boy's at park
With Uncle Tony, he insists.
Now's the time to start
On this domestic dark abyss.

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