Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Another session gone

The atheistic vicar's wife was in the pool today.
She isn't one for prayin'--To God--Not much to say.
We stopped a while in shallow end-- a brief chat 'for we launched.
Her chatter--it was short and sweet if not a little raunched.

"The pool--it is so crowded--doing sums...
I've had my head up several people's bums.
I really wouldn't mind it if they weren't all gay--"
Then she put her goggles on and swam away.

Verbatim--take no credit for her speech.
My lane--it weren't the water brushed my cheek.
An accident? His hand was firmly planted.
He came up for a "sorry" as he panted.

Must be foggy goggles--quite a few.
I left my specs behind-- a blurry view.
My hat--I have to find--for it is raw.
My hair I think--is turning into straw.

Morning mothers in the pool
As the kids are off at school
As the grandmas and the uncles entertain.
We're so happy to be stealing this refrain.

Then, The Speedo lady in the deep end--met today.
She says, "You're Benjamin's Mum"--my AKA.
I'm Evan's. I recall you have a bike.
My son is only two. He has a trike.

Her son thinks that my son's enthusiastic.
Polite she is---his devilism's drastic.
He will karate chop in two
If that toy belongs to you.
Tantrum toting as he's mashing up the plastic.

How do you find the weaving in the traffic?
My husband was a messenger--so tragic.
Though he's still alive today
Broke bones--more than I may
Like to recall.
Don't take a fall.
You can't replace...
The little man on back
With his sweet face.

When saying our goodbyes, gave my first name.
She noted it and then, she did the same,
But already can't recall.
We are mothers of them all
And so "Hello Evan's mother"--she'll remain.

I shower. Then I put my helmet on.
It's nearly twelve--another session gone.
As I am racing to the gate
Making sure not to be late
Her words ring out as clear as telephone.
Slow down. You can't leave Benjamin alone.
If you faltered, would not survive the blame.
That woman...Oh Rachel was her name.

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