Monday, 1 October 2007

Gabriella the Gate Crasher

Ya'll know her occupation?
Attendin' functions.
Sometimes, I don't know how she functions
Got so many parties to go to
Three or four in one evenin' sometimes.
And she don't get paid for it neither.
But she gets her drinks for free.
Just on account of her smile.
She a multi-tasker at socialisin'

And her house?
She gots a big old house.
But I hear it's real messy---wadin' messy.
As in get your boots on.
Ya'll can't trip over anything at her house
Only drown in it.

Seein' as she's a party professional,
I suggested she have a cleanin' party.
She say No...She say gotta clear her house first.
Yeah... It past cleanin'
She gonna rent herself a bulldozer and clear it all out.
But bulldozers expensive.
So she savin' up--been workin' lately.
Imagine that...Gabriella workin'
So unnatural---don't suit her style.

People in the office noticed too.
Say she so lively--can't sit down to type.
She got herself a temp job last week.
Spose to last nine months--someone on maternity leave.
Hell. She gone after five days.
Guess the baby were premature.

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