Sunday, 28 October 2007

Double Door Norma's Bed and Breakfast

My honey and I--we in business
All kinds of business as you may or might imagine..
He's so skilled......
Top tools in his sack
We do everything together
As I got my own position in his company
And I got my own ways of labourin'.

He got the skillet.
I got the eggs.
Hungry? We kill it.
And it comes with a bed.

That's our Bed and Breakfast motto
Bed and breakfast--porch swing beers
You don't have to win the lotto
Because there ain't no chandeliers.

So come down an stay a while
Rest your head--kick off your shoes
People come from miles and miles
Just for clickin' off the news.

Ain't no news round here I say
'Cept the crickets rubbin' legs
It seems they aren't the only ones
Once ya'll get tucked up in that bed.

Goin' fishin' in the mornin'
Takin' breakfast afternoon
And if you like that gravy,
Well then don't forget your spoon.

A stranger when you come
Passin' friendly days with ease
And if you don't come back
It's because you never leave.

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