Sunday, 7 October 2007

Bloomsbury Collage

These collage paintings on canvas have grown out of the collage travel journals which I have kept for twenty years. Many pages of writing, drawings, paintings, travel tickets, shopping lists, receipts, etc. the things of daily life. This is five by four feet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne
Good to hear from you. I love your blog. Hve read a couple of your poems. They are great. It is all colourful and fun, just what I need on a drizzly day like today!! I'm moving to Brigton at the end of this month. Flat sharing at first and then hope to buy if money stretches far enough! New life ahead. Exciting and challenging!
Hope you and the wee one are well.
Stay in touch and let me know if you are coming to Brighton at all. Twd be fun to catch up!