Friday, 19 October 2007

The Karma of the Suit

Perhaps your pad is running out of paper
Playful ink that's thinning to a taper
Littering the cities of the heart
Typing tangos many miles apart.

A gentle walk to somewhere new
The softest crush of leaves
The bush is beaten bare and blue
The branches open seas

A careful prod to push it off the cliff
A falling splash to stop the wishing if.

Not to entertain this any longer. Slow to think.
The cork still on the message in the bottle full of ink.
Your answer seemed a very loud abyss.
Clear the board without a lettered kiss.

The queen begins to checker with a touch of hate
When moved without a certain checkmate.
As this game is on a paper we're not using
Play your pawns. The wait becomes a bruising.

Alerted by the tamest phrase
A single word--a hope is raised
But truth has killed the waiting pains.
The truest cleaner when it rains.

Betray the self with far too biased leanings
Changing the arithmetic of feelings
Triple-whipped up over innocent ice-cream
Not a cone to lick-- just a wishful thinking dream.

This had to be the closest I could get to you.
Between the lives--embraces overdue.
It melted into blood and then I bled.
A thorny cone just dripping--now it's dead.

Should I edit more before I press the send?
Fuss with where to put the "F" in the "friend"
If I bother, only have to wait again.
Move on to other things and save my pen.

Couldn't know the man I used to know.
When I knew it all and everything ago.
Perhaps I didn't know you very well
As I didn't know myself, I can not tell.

With distance, my imagination lies.
I thought I saw some miles in your eyes.
And so to end obtuse oral movements.
I'll steal away to poems for improvement.

Fly so high
Fly but why
Feelin' the words
Fill in the words
They're just words

Sight of night.
Flight of flights.
Fill in the words
Haven't you heard
The world's warm stir
Out of all of everywhere
The world's worst whirrr.

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