Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Postcards From New York.

The postcards have arrived from New York. There will be 200 or so by the end of it. It is the beginning of a new collaborative project involving a dozen artists spread out across the world. A little order is coming into play. For example, I have found the password to my BlogSpot. Well done. And if I can retrieve the passwords to some of my other concerns, I will be moving slowly in the right direction instead of quickly in the wrong direction. That is my only goal this year....a vague goal to move slowly in the right direction. Dropping ballast and filling up with the right fuel. A big restructure of time and priorities. Fresh oil paints....three paintings in progress....small and long.

Benjamin has taken up fencing up this semester. Apparently, his enjoyment of tennis had something to do with it. Though they offer a variety of clubs at his school, fencing is not one of them, so we must travel to Old Street for this. I have found an interesting underground soup bar in the metro station at Old Street. I also saw my first bitcoin vending machine down there. There is a book out at the LSE Waterstones about this new phenomenon....bitcoin-currency.
Ben has also found the number of his phone. We have put the correct chip in that corresponds with the phone bill. Helpful. Techno genius. This means his is in touch with me and his friends. He sounds very serious on the phone. I hardly recognise him. Pre-teen personality shining through.
Postcards have arrived for Benjamin. He is very excited to become part of an exhibition in New York.