Sunday, 26 June 2011

Long Meal

Nothing like taking a day to make a meal, a long meal. A long day, solstice like. A roast chicken, roast potatoes that ended up as "vichy swah with a twist." as Diana put it. POtatos boiled in French onion soup mix, chili pepper kernels, nutmeg and salt....mushy so took the broken ones and mashed them up with double cream and soft goats cheese spread, milk, then added chopped chives and spring onion soaked in fig vinagrette.
a roast chicken-a stuffing of one slice of seven grain bread soaked in milked, added crushed sliced almonds, lemon peel, crushed garlic. and it was enough. Had some Patisserie Valerie cakes to test out for a party later on this coming month. Selva cake with dark choc, cherries, custardy cream, fresh cream, choc cake...the winner. two gateaus. and green tea in my Belgian China cups from the forties. Some Glastonbury on tv. A catch up with Diana. Mum there grumbling about my fussing over food and plates. Ben away at Tony's. Perfect evening, made better by a late night bike ride down to the Southbank. Meeting some nice fixie folk who admired my Nesquick water bottle holder. chits chats, some beach combing. Found lots of things. Found a bike seat and seat post! found a carry on suitcase on the way home. Score. Love Lee  

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Feeling better and planning on being less imaginative.