Monday, 8 October 2007

Night Shopping

Leroy....what is it with Leroy?
When he walkin', he look like he tryin' to catch up
To something that ain't even there.
If he talkin', he lucky if somebody listenin'
And if there ain't nobody listenin'....
He just go to a bus stop---talk to the folk there.
What can they do?
Can't move--gotta catch the bus.
Bus come--they all get on even if it the wrong number.
If he ain't done talkin' an' he got the change,
He get on the bus too.

Is it that they don't like what he's sayin'?
Or is it his cologne?
Very personal cologne....ain't in the stores....
Come from takin' a bath on an irregular basis.

He got a nightspot keep him regular though.
He always in the Double Door by ten o'clock.
Don't know why he don't come here for happy hour.
Too early for him---think he's still sleepin' then.

He get tired from his night job.
Start around three in the mornin'
And finished before sun-up.
He a mover---movin' furniture.
He call it night shoppin'.
He ain't no window shopper--see something he like.
He break the window.

If he get tired of it, he sell it.
If he can't sell it, he give it to me.
If I don't want it, he keep it.
He never saw a tv he didn't like.
He got so many tv's in his apartment, can't move.
He got 'em all goin' at once....
Oprah, football, and the cable channel.....
Got the remotes all set up in a sweet little line
Just like his cocaine.

I think that's why he get so tired.
Once he bring home the goods, he gotta test them all out.
He get hooked on a movie.
Some Western from 1955.
Testin' stage--go on for hours.
He asked me if I wanna help him out sometime...
But no, I need my beauty sleep.

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