Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Void

Went to an art opening about black holes, voids, and galaxies near Bethnal Green in the big church where the stone masons work in the basement. I was expecting to see badly painted abstract oils, thick paint, still wet, poor excuses to just make a big blackish mess. But no. I didn't imagine there would be someone with a Phd in black holes talking for an hour and a half in minute detail on this subject that was about ten million light years over my head. Held in a church, the vicar poured me a beer at his temporary bar.There was a sign saying, "Yes. This is a church. Yes. We serve beer too."  Sci fi geeks sitting in pews drinking ale staring at the solar part.
Trotted along Bethnal Green Road and came across a trendy bar and restaurant in a former town hall. The Peg and Patriot. Had a Bangkok Penicillin. Great name for a drink. The ingredients of the cocktails are not mentioned on the menu, just hinted a mood board. Homemade gins and liquors. The drinks menu is created and voted on by the staff who are constantly experimenting with cocktails. They even use fish oil.