Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Catch up

Many adventures lately. No time to write them down. With Wednesday, Seeing Monique again and later, celebrating Loren's birthday at the bear in Clerkenwell. The Friday at The Cut, seeing Veronique, Richard, and noticiing that the man who lives behind the Nobody Inn has lost his memory and forgotten that he took a dislike to me for cleaning his kitchen during a dinner party. And met a Jeremy from SF+Milwaukee, clubbing at AKA, and then met Sex Pistol Drummer and crew and had them back here for some songs. That was Friday. Tuesday, cozy chats with Shedman--photos or writer's rooms in Marylebone---Offshoreman. Saturday...Rich MIx Cinema with U of I Dave and Devlin. A bike gathering afterwards to see a cycle film made in Brasil. Columbia Road Market. Cycling on the canal. Snowman Pantomime. Sunday. Veronique's lovely luncheon all day near Bonnington Square. Sloping kitchen floor. Children played nicely.