Monday, 10 November 2008

No time for Sorry

Kfir is an Israeli living in Ireland. This is one part of his view on the Irish which I found quite funny:

What's the matter with these Irish people? They're so polite. It's not natural. It's insincere. Someone bumps into me on the street, brushes my elbow....."sorry." and someone else, steps near my foot---not even on my foot....again "sorry". What is all this "sorry " for? I'm not sorry if I touch a perfect stranger by accident in the road. Do I have time for this? And does he have time for my excuses? No. In Israel, I may push you down on your back and I'm still not sorry. Please....stop with your "sorries". We in Israel have better things to do.


Ireland was good, but quite a lot of energy expended travelling there. Discovered that Ben can walk fifteen kilometres or more without stopping, ok with a fish and chip rest stop, he can continue on ad infinitum. The Irish people were very friendly and informal especially when I lost my mobile phone on the cliffs. Someone was nice enough to turn it into the plice station. I walked into the station and said, "I'm here to pick up a phone." "Oh. What's the name? " That was paperwork, no id check. Here's your phone.
Incredibly rainy today forcing us to forego kickboxing up in Camden. We'll try Saturday instead. Cup and Saucer has sold. Some other tea pots and fifties style bowls. Now doing a baby cup for Monique who is back from Miami. She says the malls are bare and people are walking with their heads down. Dustbowl. "I felt guilty, I was the only one shopping."