Thursday, 18 October 2007

Unnatural Fashion Destination

(For Grazia Magazine Oct. 22nd)

Sofia--This dress could win "most dowdy" at a funeral. Oh how embarrassing-it's a tie. She's wearing the same dress as the corpse. On someone bigger boned, perhaps it would add whimsy, but on her--it's a big and blousy drown. The too-busy fabric pattern blows the entire dress, but could send a casual chic growl if reassembled as baggy jungle pants.

Sophi Dahl--Again, another funeral frock.The slant of her underwear is spoiling the view. If you're wearing see through mesh, don't be messy--be dressy. Is that her red bag in the background? I hope not.

Victoria--Move over Mrs. Jetson! She looks absolutely chemical in that surreal teal dress. A space-dust cocktail and a pair of thin red specs the colour of Mars would compliment this scientific but otherwise too-sharp-to-compliment ensemble. If you're going all the way to Mars, I suggest you cover those legs as your fashion destination doesn't seem to be that natural.

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