Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Knotty Oaks

Knotty oaks bloom all the year
Their seasons have no flowers
Bare their souls devoid of fear
Their years are mearly hours

Knotty oaks adorn the field
The white through branch then twig.
Jagged cuts in skies that seal
And roots so firm can't dig.

The slumber of the sun surpassed
By ages made of bark
And when the moonlight gives us rest
A soul of quiet stark.

Knotty oaks don't reach but curl
Around a wintered heart
Letters carved--a boy a girl
In trunks that split apart.

Knotty Oaks--they shelter tombs
Mossed over long ago
Faded names in empty rooms
Without a friend or foe

Knotty Oaks outlive us all
And tell us of before
If we would only listen to
Their leafless whispers more.

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