Friday, 12 October 2007

Built for a Kilt

You stroke the pool and glide another length.
You stop to take a breath and gain your strength.
Don't know you, but you seem like quite a gent.
We chat, our eyes have met, the message sent.

Dishy man in sauna. Do not know your name.
Steamy rocks of lava. When will we meet again?
What prompted you to ask about my goggles?
A better chance to glance my wibble-wobbles?

You noted that they had a gold reflection.
I noted, through the steam, a slight direction.
You further pointed out the golden glare.
Got ones like them at home- a matching pair.

Do you know mouth-to-mouth rescucitation?
I think I'm gonna drown in conversation.
Or what about the Russian next to you?
At this point, any chromosome will do.

Where'd he get his "Y's"? Can't be from this YMCA.
He's checkin' out my thighs--my membership is up to date.
Oh no-- he's seen my radar dish for dishy men.
It's all wired up---the frequency's on ten.

It's beeping--how embarrassing for me--
Should'da left it in the locker under key.
Perhaps he's thinking now that I'm a spy.
Concentration on his face---it doesn't lie.

Your lap---don't mean to stare
Just seen your radar sittin' there
Your chit chat don't fool me.
You're on assignment, I can see.

He's telling how they're beaten up with birch.
Sauna, batterred, cold-pool is the church
Of men who take the steam up in Siberia
He thinks of this routine---he's getting cheerier.

Russia in the north. I'm from The South.
Cut the stupid details--tongue in mouth
Sizin' up the branches while he sits.
I'm thinkin' how I'd birch your naughty bits.

So beat me with that birch of yours all tangled up in dew.
A shame the sand has slid so fast--there won't be time for you.
Oh how degrees have climbed since we've been sittin' gettin' wetter.
A shower on the cold side after this will be much better.

Inside the Moscow Metro, they've put funny chandeliers.
They there to add some ambience 'case war goes on for years.
And what about Diana and that Dodified disaster?
Sortin' out world troubles in the sauna--he's the master.

His flexing pecs---taste the sweat that's dripping off a him.
"Where do we begin?" is thinking my internal grin.
But this is not the reason for the steam--it's for my health.
Just call it window shoppin' as I'm slow to spend my wealth.

Country Boy. This Norma's quite particular.
This booty don't chase everything testicular.
I try to keep a handle on my hormones.
I'll keep a hand on yours if you're alone.

You had a wide selection-puttin' questions to my bloggin'?
So you be askin' "who is next for Norma and her snoggin'?"
Careful with your queries, Country Boy, It could be you.
The guidebook's inside section on the things to see and do.

So tone it down----I'll tone you up a touch.
You weren't so far away, have you for lunch.
You're listed every day on my meal planner.
Rip your packet with my teeth, forget the manners.

Hungrily--I'd lay you on a plate of steel china.
Bed of feathered lettuce--down the cellar for the wine..
Bottle after bottle--even barrels oaked with time.
Then ditch the knife and fork before I dine.

Lift the waiting glasses from behind
The cupboard door.
Clink them with a chime
And then you pour.

Second course--a luscious length of neck.
Followed by a juicy round of chest.
A beer with that? Yes Please. I'll have a Becks.
Hard to say which part, by now's the best.
How sumptuously seasoned is this course.
Life without this recipe---remorse.

Ingredients for third.... requires knife.
Logistics interrupt and so does wife.
Mustard with that ketchup's hard to do.
Have to chop you up and make a stew.
Tomorrow may be breakfast, lunch and dinner.
They say that meals like that will make you thinner.

He mentioned that he studied at St. Martin's.
As arty as the Scottish wearing Tartans.
I wonder if he owns a Scottish Kilt.
That kilt would be in fashion--way he's built.

And so she comes here only twice a week?
I'll have to come in more--my muscle's weak.
What time? Which day? I'll have to get specifics.
A rendezvous like that would be Pacific.

"What line you in?"--another line he tries.
"The line for you," I'm thinkin' bein' wise.
Considerin' we share this occupation,
You'll have to check my studio location.

So come one day and stay to see my art.
Wrapped right around the corner of my heart.
Your school's around the corner--throw away.
I pass it on my cycle everyday.

I smile when I replay our conversations.
They are nice but far too brief in their durations.
A logo maker hailing from East End.
A very tempting template of a friend.


And so we meet again--an accidental rendezvous
Chattin' 'bout the Russian as we take a second view.
You said you do your "warm down" in the pool.
You mean "warm up" or "cool down" sillly fool?

An animated talk on animation.
I tell you of the themes in my play station.
Would you be so friendly to advise on techy tools?
Please show me--I've done my time in schools.
You said, "Doing freelance, it is better to get out."
"But I'm good at being inside," the double meaning out.

The name is Lee and yours? Got a facebook.
Just give me the address---I'll have a look.
My blog address? This poem then you'd read.
"Discretion is the better part of valour." That's my creed.
You wonder how this Norma is with liqour?
Drinks at The Dove--ain't dimmer lightin' chic-er.

(Spoken Time 5:09)

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