Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cups teapots chillies

Missed a few interesting openings recently. The art performance night in Hackney--however saw some comedy down at the round table and got invited to perform there. A dominatrix whipping the men in the front row with her rubber gardening shoes. Can't recall much else about it. Hip flask man there with me. And an interesting chat with a hand bag designer in the loos of a pub near Chandos street. Nusa Dua this evening with Tailor Girl. Dinner instead of acqua class. A teapot has sold in the shop, the stripey one that had too much going on. Someone liked it. Today, finished the elaborate Hieronymous Bosh type cup and saucer, gave Collette some chillis from my garden, and also finished another pseudo stripe cup. May be going to Ireland at some point in the near future.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Starry teapot painted today. End of stripes and stars series. And next will be face cups. A jazz concert this evening with Diana and Shuhei. Experimental. Enjoyable. Ben to perform tomorrow in the Harvest Day Festival. And Grandma back from Yellowstone. A little strained from pilates yesterday. Last night a smoke and word installation in Trafalgar Square. Whisps of smoke picking up words that people had texted in. You are amazing with the g getting lost. and so on. Ben adding "poo poo" on the end of his sentences thinking this is funny. Good reports from the teachers at social evening followed by the Duke pub. a forties interior and music.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Wine rack

Found a large wine rack today outside the restaurant in Cosmo Place. I was taking an early morning bike ride, and they were just putting it in the skip. Nothing wrong with it, Just dusty. So have cleaned that today and done a few sudoku puzzles while waiting for yet another plumber to come and umclog the bathroom sink. ANd he finally called at 3 to say he'd come tomorrow. Kev is here today-a parent meeting. Modi possibly tomorrow. Better if he does not as Shuhei is in Gothenburg and arriving in London tomorrow. Just a wuick message from him. And so. Shall I go now for a swim? Wine rack might go above fridge horizontally....or chuck out the chunky wine cabinet and put it there.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Accidental Hooch

Accidnetally making hooch as my pineapple juice has gone off. Found some goat meat over the weekend. So goat stew today with Julia and Diana dropping by. A vague playdate arranged for Jacob and Ben. New Ikea carpets. Wall-E. Otherwise, slowly curling up in to hibernation setting for the winter. It doesn't seem to involve the gym as biking in the rain is enough. And everytime I think of going, there is something else just as strenuous to do at home or elsewhere. Time to declutter. and get a sketchbook to put all my memorabilia in. or a canvas. Missed the art london show as I don't seem to have a problem chatting up galleries. The problem is in having the work to show them. For now, just more ceramic painting. hot air balloons and faces seem to sell the best.