Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Emmit Steele

Twas a man called Albert who lived for a time
With a man called Emmit. This ain't gonna rhyme.
They lived like a couple in the usual way.
But then old Emmit died one day.

Had paintings galore from the attic to the cellar.
Klimt and Klee---all the famous fellas.
But how to divide the estate was the pain.
An historical moment for Albert to gain.

He saved them the trouble
By loading up his truck
This one-- I'll have a double.
This print has upped my luck.

So Johnny Doeringer--- executor of the will.
Was up cataloguing and up taking pills.
The house was for sale, but Albert wouldn't go.
Stock-taking too--gonna have his own show.

(more later on this true tale)

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