Thursday, 25 October 2007

Oinky Oink

I'm a black bear in the woods.
I'm dreaming of some chocolate puds.
You wake me from my dreams so good,
You better run, you should.
'Cause I'm a black bear and I need
My chocolate puds indeed.

I'm a zebra in the Serengetti.
Won't stay for dinner--don't like spaghetti.
Just like a horse but stripey so
I gallop and my hoofs do go.
Black, white, and stripey like a flag
You've never seen a horse this glad.

I'm a piggy oinking oinking.
At my belly your are pointing.
Look at yours. It's just the same.
Is my bacon and my pork to blame?
With eggs and beans and buttered toast.
Pull up a plate and make the most.

I'm a penguin gliding through
The icy waters oh so blue.
I flip flop when I walk--it's true
My waddling is nothing new.
With legs so short--they're barely there.
Into the water--please don't stare.

I'm a tiger--growl growl.
If I bite you, you will howl.
Sharpest gnashers in the jungle
When I roar, give out a rumble.
Longest teeth and claws that tear.
If you see me, you beware.

I'm a snake--an idle slither
Of my tongue and you will quiver.
Snoozing in a curled up maze
Poison puts you in a daze
So stay behind the glass and gaze
To keep alive your ways.

Long-legged patterns of giraffes
Nostrils orange snorting laughs
A graceful gaze and whip-lashed eyes
Survey the scene from such a height
While lucid lips--they graze on leaves
And languor in the tops of trees.

I'm a horsee in the meadow
Galloping to catch my shadow
Free I run in windy fields.
Breezy strides that never yield
To bridles--then what will I say?
I'll toss my mane-- a neigh a neigh.

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