Tuesday, 9 October 2007

To Clean or Clear (Gabriella rhyme)

It's my usual policy to sometimes alert.
My friends---if I post them--case they get hurt.
But then there is some who don't use internet.
So there's no need to edit. That be a safe bet.

Gabriella's occupation is bein' at functions.
It beer and wine honey---she not into luncheons.
She got a long list of where she should be
Just smilin', she gettin' her drinks for free.

She start about six and finish round four.
Two or three in one evenin'---there's time for one more.
Tell her she should try big party advisin'"
The Multi-Tasker of Socialisin'

A saint she is now, but a saint she weren't then
Her younger years spent in the Land of Pretend.
Say no more about it 'cause she here tonight.
A bit liquored-up, but she listenin' despite.

And her house? I have heard it is big but it's messy.
Boxes of cereal--panties all lacy
One top another---ya'll wadin' around
Can't trip over nothing but hell---you might drown.

So get your boots on if you enter her house.
Well look over there... It's her long lost spouse.
He under the rug, the newspapers, and noodles
Ain't seen him since that job trimmin' poodles.

Get him up, brush him off---He still livin' and here?
Untangle his leg from that long chandelier.
Got him up. He quick-shuffled to get to the door.
Didn't stay for a drink--well his manners are poor.

And what do we have in the understair closet?
It just like a bank where she keep her deposits.
A check for ten million and eighty-five lire.
Oh no--- it expired, know a bank that'd clear it.

Party professional? Throw a cleanin' party.
But her friends---they can't do that. They far too arty.
And they got piles of mess of their own.
They never invite 'cause their cover'd be blown.
Lookin' so tidy as they're clinkin' their glasses
But they is more dirty than the third world masses.

Clean it? ---No. Gotta Clear the house first.
I said "clear"---It's past cleanin'. It's just gonna burst.
She say that she gonna... rent a bulldozer later.
Then toss out the window--ain't no elevator.

Bulldozers expensive. Now she need a job.
Unless she get on with that man called Bob.
All that workin' and savin'---she losing her smile.
Unnatural...Gabriella workin'---don't suit her style

Dry old sticks in the office? Well, they noticed too.
Come Thursday, her nine month contract was through.
Coverin' someone on maternity leave.
After four days, guess she started to heave.

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