Monday, 8 October 2007

Ed War Do

There was this man called Ed War Do.
Worked for Negao if ya'll wanna know.
One day his hands so dirty he quit.
About the time the coffin split.

Picked up and left town---even his girl.
She were so pretty--all them curls.
Bus, taxi, aeroplane.
After a while, he were in Spain.

Waiter first, then movin' up.
He got to drivin' delivery trucks.
Asked no questions---didn't know.
What exactly in the load.

Til one day--the blue lights flashin'
Hopes and dreams come all a' smashin'
Fingerprinted, thrown in jail.
Time to think on how he failed.

Got a letter from his girl.
Opened it--his mind a whirl.
But the news, it weren't so bad.
Turned out he'd become a dad.

Or so he thought until he counted
Months had passed since they last mounted.
She was gonna marry me.
Ain't my child? It couldn't be.
Wrote her back and had to say
This child ain't mine--not gonna pay.

One day the jailer come with key.
You's is done---now you is free.
He checked the street map and the weather.
Headed off into the heather.

Sleepin' rough by side of road.
No cozy house with grass all mowed.
Then got to thinkin' 'bout the letter.
Headed home to make things better.

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