Saturday, 20 October 2007

Psychaedelic Salad Makers

(To visit Mary on the farm, press the poem title. To learn about wilderness training--google the teaching drum.)

Mary strung her bow for a while in the woods.
Getting back to nature--as naked as she could.
Road kill and berries supped over fire.
Rat racin' super malls and markets on the pyre.

Made herself a yurt out of sticks and plastic bags.
Keepin' out the rain had a few little snags.
A hole in the top to catch snow and melt.
Grassy cup of tea and a shower when she smelt.

You gotta to wait for rain just to have a cup of tea?
Sippin' up the drips is not a brew for me.
Miss my milk and sugar if I lived out yonder there.
Not to mention biscuits--I ponder when I dare.

Gotta melt the snow just to wash your hairy pits?
Don't want to have to think--how she did to take a shit.
Once, came a bear---she was squatting in the dew.
Broke the yellow icicle--aimed and threw.

"See ya!" said the bear. Her archery was stunning.
Belted up her pants--then belted off running.
At times, she would shower in the petrol station.
Way she was livin'--you could call it a vacation.

Made and played the drums in a circle made of beards.
Healthy outdoor lovers but, some folk were kind of weird.
Howdy. Name is Jed--out of jail--got a spoon?
Feelin' kind of pale. Thought I'd hit your commune.

Pseudo-camping in the woods--can't always pick your neighbors.
Psychaedelic salad makers come in all flavors.
Berries in the bushes, that's the way it goes.
Me--I get alarmed if my tv blows.

But after three years, turned from livin' to survivin'
Stuck up in the woods with a truck too broke for drivin'
So Ken came to get her--"This life no longer fond."
Now, if she miss it, she got her own pond.

Always tell her "leave the pond and try the ocean for a while."
If she did, I think she'd love it as adventure is her style.
Shake hands with the Bonobos--a Congolese canoe.
Trekkin' in the forest. I'll pack my rucksack too.

Diggin' up for Farmer John--so angelic--so organic.
Mary and her tee-pee---she still gotta save the planet.
Tapping on her drums--cross legged does she sit.
Posing in her moose dress--such a nice fit.

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