Sunday, 29 June 2008

Decima Gallery Cowboy art fair

Decima Gallery Smeed road. Spiritwo was definetly the best act-a fantastic singer from Israel who has been in London for eight months...a punky, vocalist with lots of vitality. She had a long hair wig and used some fake blood in her act. Micalef read his anarchist poems, Gabriella, David West was squirting people randomly with his gun and also warning people not to shoot next to his Gilbert and George books. Oliver was there getting people to make a group painting. Margaret there wearing a glove and wondering if she was going to miss Dr. Who later that evening. Callum there but off to another gig on Mare street. A couple who dressed the same had on the same gray t-shirt and rumpled unironed suit. Max with his pirate look and rock and roll songs. Some belly dancers in silk dresses. a fab afternoon with lots of acts. I did Double Door Norma...not the best performance...ok.
I was having reservations about the long journey out to Hackney, but Kevin drove us there. Still, we got lost, but finally found it about 4pm. Ans stayed until 8. Ben had a great time with water guns. He was dressed in a cowboy outfit with sheriff badge, gun with hoster, belt, and hat.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Elizabeth, venice, transcript, august, sept.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Last night, a nice excursion to Charterhouse to see a quartet. Beautiful surroundings- leaded glass windows, an old chapel, fading tapestries. Ben insisted on taking his teddy with him in his LIghtening Mcqueen suitcase. Wore a buttoned down shirt and was requesting a tie so that he could be a grown up. Today, on the phone to 3 for an hour to dispute a bill. Modi in town yesterday and today. A coffee with Yasmin ni the morning talking about merits and demerits of the school. I prefer to look on the bright side. Hot sunny day. Chalton street today.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


Do you paint vases? Of course I paint vases. Ya'll think nobody paints vases when there are painted vases sitting on every shelf in the city...well shelves of people worth mentionin.
Of course there are people who have modern vases with no picture on it from the dollar store or some place plasticky. Plastic Palace....everything's 99 cents there.
Do you really paint vases? Well laugh out loud if you have to ....Vases are my joy, my future, my life.
(Yesterday) Actually. I am moving on from vase painting soon. I can just feel it. LIke a huge tsunami tossing all the dinner platters and egg cups up in the air crash landing on the beach of tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Birthday List

As Betty as asked Ben to marry her and he said yes, then I think Betty should be top of his brithday list. With the groom, Ben about to turn four and Betty, the bride, the older woman at five, I think the birthday party will come before the wedding.
1. Betty, sister, Dad
2. Americk and mum
3. Harry and Mum
*4. Levin, brother, other brother and mum
*5. Nathaniel, brother, other brother and mum Rachel
*6. Paul, Rose Elyse, and son
*7. Yasmin and Aisha
8. Jade and mum
*9. Pamela, Saffa, and Ferry
*10. Kevin and Kevin's mum
*11. Chris and Carlos
12. Julian'family x4
13. Rufus and parents
14. Organic Ann and her son Adam
15. Sally, her sister, and parents
16. Lenny and Jon and their dad
Maybe 40 people minus the no approximately 20.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Birthday picnic food

1. Salade: Edamame beans, tomato, basil, oil, salt, garlic, onion
2. Kimchi, rice
3. birthday cake
4. potato salad
5. slices of Black Forest Ham and cheese
6. Crackers and potato chips
7. punch, juice, water
8. humous, pate
9. small tomatoes, cheese, ham, crackers
10. plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons
Wednesday: Greek Folk Music; part of someone's phd research into the history and performance practice of Greek Music...a bit dryer than sitting in a taverna with oives while the band plays... but interesting. Hellenic Centre in Marylebone. Afterwards...purple umbrellas pink inside with dangles on them, chandeliers and Hoegarden. Frocks and Cabbages Sunday market.
£45 a metre silk near Berwick street the yellow, dusty pink and brown stripe.
Lavenadar Paisley fabric next to nunnery near Hot Black Desiato apt that is always for rent.
Fading sign on the cement wall.
Concert tonight. Ravel, Brahms, some freinds of Grodon Nero has a cafe in the back onf St. James. Got my card stamped. Passed the rubber stamp shop on the way home.
Louis Pons...birds in shoes.
Anne Pigalle is playing at Glastonbury. She is not too thrilled about it. Hates crowds.
Suzanne Vega is sold out at the Pigalle Club in July.
Tea towel idea has caught on. I will present it tomorrow at school.
Birthday list is reaching twenty with mums and dads included.
Monique is in the US. Talked with her today.
Cowboy show is this weekend at Decima.
Ben needs a bath. He nearly lost his red fire engine cup today. Looked all over in the sand box and found it in the under fives bathroom. Thank God.
Cool little tiny tiny restaurant on Lexington street W1. Passed the Canton pub...not especially special. Just seemed special at the time.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Bruce Weaver has a bad hair day everyday as he rides his motorbike to work. He has just raised $6,900.00 with a motorbike riding weekend.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Queens Club Nadal match was fantastic

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Another big vase ready for the kiln. This one with ladies in frocks around the neck and an assortment of things:sunglasses, wine bottles, picnic blankets, hot air balloons, cheeses, a lizard, fish, a small sea etc.
Some really lovely delicate egg cups which are not economically in my interest to paint... but fun and very cute... for friends only.
Tea towels on the horizon a fundraiser I am in charge of for the school festival.
A gall bladder operation.
A lovely little red leather coin purse for Ben for his pocket money from Kevin today.
A nice tomato soup made only with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and greek yogurt, rice, pork chops, broccli, a seven grain bread to dip in the very special soup.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Energetic weekend. All day with Tony on Saturday and picnic in the square Sunday. Football and sandwiches. Framed mustache man. Barcelona. A new kitchen for Ben. Ben has painted his toy table. Then he said,"I have to put it in the shop now." He is understanding art commerce. But it has to dry first. And has painted tracks for his trains.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Unhappy Chickens

A lady in the shop today was intrigued by the chickens. She wanted a rooster on a mug. So she lined up all the roosters to have a closer look. Upon inspection, she decided that one was too sad, one didn't look very thoughtful, (suddenly interrupted by a call from Grandma:tornados in Winnebago county), one looked angry. Don't you have any happy chickens?

I guess not. So she went without. Gareth turned and said, "There are people starving to death in the world." He was disgusted....but Gareth paints giraffes driving buses.

Another customer came in and told us about her work as a prison warden. She was overflowing the joys of her profession. And someone else is having a very elaborate birthday at Kew Palace which requires thirty plate hand-painted with Kew Palace on it. He is in the theatre business. Infact he owns the Palace Theatre and lives in the square here. His invitation looks more like an annual report....embossed paper, very thick card, Kew Palace set in sepia high contrast...

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Dentist again today. Scraping noises. Ben sword fighting with metal pole. St. Catherine's Dock yesterday. Rain all day. In touch with Michealaine again. One week of Ben off school finally back today. water, juice, Japanese chicken things.