Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Pillow and Plate

I got a friend runnin' a bed and breakfast
The Plate and Pillow as it's called....
One customer...he in from Seattle.
Somethin' with computers...
Ain't no sweaty-tied geek though.
Plays in a band.
Sportified too----workin' for the local baseball team.
He ain't the ball boy neither.

She ask him what his other interests were?
He took a long thought.
He said...."I like......"
Then, a long pause....too long for thinkin'.
Cuttin', pastin', editin'----all at the same time.
Finally, he say, "people....."

..... Females are people. But the poor man....
His job--- don't give him no health insurance.
"You dyin'? You dead."
No time off for funerals neither.
Once your funeral's over, you come back to work the next day.
Otherwise, ya'll penalized.

If his foot falls off-
He gotta tape it back on himself....
Pick it up off the road....

He cut himself?
Better hope he can fix it with a band-aid.
Otherwise, he gotta hurry on home.....
For some DIY
With 20 gallons of his own
Re-fridgerated blood.
Hard to cut the bandage when your arm
Already fallen off.

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