Friday, 8 April 2011

Whatever Day it Is

Whatever day it is, this is the first day I've put them up. I rode by yesterday and found a spot by the 38,19 bus stop that looked ideal. Met three people during this session. One guy from Slovakia at the bus stop. He'd like to help. And Peter helped adhere the first tile which is about the closure of playgrounds. He said...I wish there were more people like you doing this. I popped another near a zebra crossing on a disused island. It is low and might not be easily spotted on Lambs con...not on the Coram wall as it would be removed immediately. And a chat with someone from Hackney on his way home. He was happy to hear what I was doing..."That's the trouble. If they knew...if they had an inkling of how people feel...If you took a helicopter ride over london and looked into people's homes and saw how they lived....and what little they have....They have no idea. "He was seething in a calm way but seething. Sadly I have to take a break for a while. It's a start. Maurice in the La Porchetta had also seen the nanny message. A lot of people have. Alice too. Playscheme cuts are coming up in May....soon. But I'm away. I have to write in ...I think it's Henderson making the decision. All just cogs in the wheel. Passing the pound as opposed to the buck. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

NHS cuts, Lords, war

A PR guy came in the studio today and liked my protest tiles. He said, "I'm conservative, but I still like what you're doing. I think the cuts are wrong." He gave me a few pointers and offered a strategy. I don't know how they might make a difference, but for one thing, he said that they point out the human side of this equation and agreed that the people in government make decisions based solely on finances, not on human beings or what it might do to them. This is a country of people, not digits followed by zeros. Unfortunately, there are very  few checks and balances in this UK government. The people making the cuts have nannies, not playschemes. They have private healthcare, not NHS service. In short, they don't know or care about how the majority of people live.
I was also chatting with a finance manager in the local park who works 16 hour days and pays 40 % tax and gets sick of seeing people on benefits living in larger housing than she and her husband can afford. She has been given the budget for the NHS and is making cuts accordingly. She doesn't like what she is doing, but she is following orders. It looks very grim for the next fifteen years. She is from Croatia and has seen how war makes money. She says that wars make money for the few evil people greedy enough to profit from it. There are some very bad people making these decisions. It seems a very simple solution. Just stop spending all the money on the war.
Oskar works in government too. He says the same thing. These Lords are not how do you do people. They are not royalty. They are businessmen. They are the minority. They will size you up in fifteen seconds. We all know this, but what is there to do about it? This is a very old fashioned government. It needs a refurb. At least in the US, you have the senate and the house and President deciding the laws. There is a system of checks and balances. Here, they get in and just do what they want as quickly as they can before they are voted out.
I hear that Donald Trump is being asked to run the US next as it needs a businessman to sort things out. Half the schools in the town I grew up in are closing....and still they get involved in another war when they don't have the money to even pay their own teachers anymore. What is the world coming to? I do think if we all die next year in the polar shift, we deserve it. This is the equivalent of Babylon. People are no longer decent.