Monday, 8 October 2007

Salvation Patrol

Tell you a story bought a man named Negao.
He gonna bury you any which how.
May be his first name--could be his last-
Reckon' he aimin' to cover his past.
Funeral maker--the short and long.
Put you in a box in the ground for a song.
He don't kill folk---he just a burrier.
Darker than the dirt he diggin'...and scarier.

He makes them coffins up so pretty,
He good with his hands--don't live in the city.
See a coffin of his and you'll just wanna die
Even if you ain't goin' up to the sky.
One particular coffin---regular de-luxe?
Ain't more than a dime if you down on your luck.

Took him three months to make it--solid and sound.
Ain't toilin' away to just stick in the ground.
When the people in black all done sniffin' n' cryin'
Get out the ropes...pull it up...ain't lyin'
Course he gotta brush off some of the dirt.
New coat of paint on over-- wouldn't hurt.
When the job is done, it's done so well,
Nobody dead or alive can tell.

He got so many coffins for sale
Just like the doctor--slidin' scale.
Got a few extra workers--salvation patrol.
It ain't about Jesus---they're not savin' souls.
See a fresh grave--- and go dig it up
Salvage the coffin and put in the truck.

Hope the body's already saved n' in heaven
Otherwise, it in a maggot sack beggin'
Not a way to spend the rest of your death
Ain't got the money? Hold on to your breath.

Big poor family come to him one time.
Daddy real heavy--gotta save a few dimes.
We'll take the cheapest one that you got.
Day of the funeral--it were too hot.
Discount coffin for a man of his size?
Takin' your chances---ain't that wise.

Five men on each side....and dad in the box.
Do you think they thought to secure the locks?
Would have been ok if he would've stayed...
In the box---during the funeral parade.
But the box cracked open.....Daddy spilled in the road.
His family so angry, they gonna explode.

Mr. Negao---he took off runnin'
Ain't seen him since--
He somewhere sunnin'
This a true tale---all as it's told.
Down in Brasil
Ya'll don't wanna get old.

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