Sunday, 25 July 2010

Forty Nine Lives


People are already clearing out for the holidays. Strangely, we haven't made any plans. There has been too much to keep up with. Yesterday,we went to the Royal Academy of Music near Regents Park in the morning. There, Ben was introduced to some old violins from 1600 and a harpsichord and piano. Nice for them...Adam's Mum invited us. After to Regents Park for a picnic, then to the petting show, then a ride along the canal, a chat with a fisherman who remembers when the horses pulled the barges along, a stop in a park, some fish and chips, got some vines for my trellis from a community park, got asked for my hand in marriage by a guy in the park, rode home, had a few pints at the Perserverance with Roberto, Alice, Paul the Crane who wants a painting for his living room...500...will take a week...he specified pain and the 70's....that's what he wants to see. Just as we were talking abut how tough a boy Ben is, Leo kicked him in the nuts. we had to go home. Paul has another friend worth a mention in a mass portrait...t-shirt Dave...who is now called Jumper he tried to jump from the 12th floor. Tony has, as usual, made a delicious roast lamb dinner this Sunday. Ben played at Kaya's and went to the church playgroup this morning..I had my run around the square.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Demaris in the lockeroom thanked me for humming. In Germany, they call it an ear dream. Toby who works in post production in soho from stafford quoted from today's paper that the members of facebook make up the third largest country in the world. And suggested the portraits to go along that theme....easily done as they are little facebooks in a way. And he also liked the moniker...Ben's mum....a lot more fun that Joanne Morgan...a boring name. Jpanne doesn't even mean anything. My parents were all geared up to call me Zach, but I was girl, so they didn't put much thought into it. Plan to do one fifty hour painting per week...maybe two if I get quicker. Five cat cups to download. Tony must be out shopping for steaks. A meeting at five to chat with Ben's teacher. One more day left.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Flukee had a funny thing to say. He'd like to wait for retirement and then dish the dirt on all his employees in the form of a mass portrait. It's so stressful holding that in. He knows something about all of them....for example, the man who shagged the au pair in the shed during a garden party. Oh what a nice pair. I think it's possible to slip that in and change the name. Or he could have two versions...the nice one that says what a good tennis player Shedman is and the other version he can unveil at his retirement do. A commission in the works.

The mesh dress has trouble with wicker furniture. Limited engagements. Though the John Lewis movers wanted to give me their chairs. Veronique is seeing Naomi this week passing some of my work on to Paris. We had a long chat. We spoke about someone we are seeing today. Starting with a clean slate. Half a cake in the fridge and I fear it is going off if I don't pass it out today. More cat cups. A few times around the square. Haven't seen the Australian couple for a few weeks now. I hope they are alright. Fred and Norma. Set at 950...good start. And he didn't know that x used to have a string of foreign women looking after him while he painted. That was his formula for many years. Betty is back in Thailand for two months. Thailand for two months doesn't sound too bad.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

You are here

September Bush
Cape Fuschia
Hot Poker
Comfort Heath

A portable suitcase of dieties...thirty for each day of the month.
A white stool weathered and bending
Inlaid Lapis eyes on pre-dynastic figurines
room 64 bone and ivory
Mesopotamian Bulls
Tourists crossing their hearts like mummies posing for family photos
Mudstone Pallette Hippo

I held a two million year old rock today which fit well in my hand.
It was the first tool for smashing bones so that they could eat the marrow and develop
their brains enough to move on and make a tool with and edge. those were basalt and the third one was quartz which is harder to shape.

Shenute Abbot of the White Monaster in Sohag died in 466 AD. Thought you'd like to know.
Nice tablet....the miracle of the delivery of grain in times of shortage.

Shimaoka Tatsuzo....the son of a maker of braided silk chord...made a living treasure in 94 for inlaying rope patterns into his folk style ceramics. like the Jomon period.

Bab Kashio 1927 94 Picture of Asakusa 1990...combining traditional and popular culture.. Souvenirs from Ass a kooo Za.

Some netsuke
A sacred deer and gardener in a grove of trees
The seven gods of fortune making music
demons partying around a sake jar
monkeys playing go
blind men climbing an elephant.

Coptic Christians Egypt Ethiopia 7th c. AD

Nice clocks too.

And six times around Russell Square..ran into Zoe...she said you get back to your low impact jog now. And the tattoo is not a love's a heart temple. And the bum on the bench who usually cheers me on...he was full of rubbish today, but the Swedish courier made up for that. I have dropped some food at the gallery but he does not want any salmon salad or fruity gateau as the cream might get in the carpet. This cake is really going to waste. Let's be careful. I will also have to leave the pre-mixed cocktail and ice cubes made of mint and grapes and juice in the freezer. for another celebration.


Trellis looks good. Painted with green, silver, and black squares. Added shells, stones, broken ceramics, silk flowers, dried flowers, some toys. Will add real plants to it at some point.

More work on trellis. Now added colored tissue papers, Mexican coins, shillings, a quarter from Kentucky, some old pipes, cuttings from newspapers, old marbled paper for books, a wooden cow and two orange daleks...ha ha haaaa which match the orange silk flowers. Roast chicken with K today. I think I have a sty starting in my left eye. Two days left of school. No holiday plans yet. A deep breath long overdue. Wednesday. 21st Cake has lasted three days...will it last four? Next birthday party---pizzas and a coke if they are lucky. I am done with extravagent birthday parties. This last one...baked salmon, cockle salad with samphire seaweed and tomatoes and avocado. The salad was appreciated. and then mojitos...but hey. enough. And one cake next year...not two. And the party bags....please...just be happy that you went to the party. Jacob, Nathaniel, Americk, Harvey, Joshua...Pamela Saffa a bit late..Tzidi, Jade. Veronique, Sarah, Lisa. Games, croquet, twister, badminton. fine formula. Definetly less stressed than last year.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

More mentions in the massportraits

There are two Kelly's. One is a mum with a kidney infection that is stopping her from getting on the plane Tuesday for two weeks in Teneriffe. I told her there are some hot doctors out there incase they start to leak. All she has to do is take anti-biotics. Do it in the sun. Don't just do it. Get on with it. The other Kelly hangs at Social Suicide and makes mens casual wear. Actually, her name is Zoe. Nothing to do with Kelly. So that's four Zoe's I know. Zoe my sister with half a cow in the basement in Kansas.They used to take a mobile refridgerated vehicle to football games for tailgating parties. Most people take a cooler. Offical Costco Queen weighing in at 350. We don't talk. We don't skype either. Considering all the ways there are to communicate, I shake my head. Zoe who tattoed her left wrist with a spirit guide symbol in honour of her mid-life crisis. Good luck with Eucalyptus..better than your neighbor. Some people buy a Harley like John Martin.I painted a cup for his 70th birthday a special one just for him except it had a big 80 on it. 70--80--it's the same thing. A very late mid-life crisis as his life has been rather fine with a flock of ostriches in the back yard. Some people get a tattoo. World Tattoo--Tony Fitzpatrick's Gellery--Don Ed Hardy and me 1992. That was a sold out show of portraits...Wilma Tedworth...and Betty Bunt Cake from the Gated Community of former KKK's. I wasted a little time with a chainsaw to the brain at the art institute of chicago sitting in four hour crits listening to people relate their paintings to their childhood until one day when everyone was out of words, I said let's be honest....that wouldn't sell for ten cents at a garage sale. Nobody laughed and ah well. It was meant in jest. I liked him and his paintings. After that, it was suggested by Richard Loving to take a course in Diplomacy, but that is not my forte and I'd have to wait till January to enroll. That course was full. Then there was the guy who worked at Starbucks and filled his studio up with coffee grinds...about four feet of it...memorable. And the boobless bore who cut a one by twelve foot strip off the bottom of my collage painting as I had used some scrap off the floor of her studio in my collage...fuck. She had fifty tampons up her ass. And the girl who painted half ass oils from holiday polaroids from the 70's. I bet she's married to a doctor now. The percentage of people who really do art after art school is something like 2%. It was supposed to be significant that she was caught in a casual pose readjusting her swimsuit, so she had her finger up her ass...good for her. And the girl who poured tea down a white sheet and videoed it. What a lot to see. She videoed and documented her way in PS1 in New York and infact, I did like like her growing plants in sacks. I had drawn portraits all over my studio walls accidentally. They were supposed to remain white in the hallway. And so some students oh...I was getting away with murder. there at the Art Institute being told what to do and how to scale it bigger and being introduced to galleries as a student definetly de-hipped me a few. Don Ed Hardy lived between San Francisco and Hawaii an expert tattoo man. A Parisian marketer has put him on the shoes and even cell phones. Ed is everywhere now that he is dead. And Zoe Norridge from Oxford--the Dambudzo conference where I smashed a happy family Shona sculpture to illustrate a lecture. And Zoe, the daughter of Raphael and Yannick who can see the Evian factory from their bedroom window.