Saturday, 1 March 2008

Ba boom... daaaa da ding boom

(Perplexer--Acid Folk)

I thinkI left my furry hat on the dancefloor shit.
I've had that hat for years...
closer to me than a pet.
Life without that hat...
Oh my God.
Nahsan no...Nashan...Indian techno
boom....boom ding ding da boom....
repeated but not repetitive.
Oh my furry hat.
Oh no.
Because I was in a little bit of a daze when I left.
call it a trance state, but my hat is gone.
Oh hat's on the table..
We're ok.
Oh. I 'm so happy now.
And even, I left my chicken breasts and blueberry juice
In my bike basket...and no one took off with it.
How honest people are.
It's fantastic.
And there are fireworks going off in the wind
But's the awning of the pizzeria flapping
Nearly coming off
Someone forgot to role it up. Oh
I just hope the tv atenna on the building
across the road does not break off and
fly through my living room window.
OK. I am not looking for any natural disasters
I know earlier, I had thought I felt cheated
for never being in an earthquake or tornado
but don't worry. I feel fine without it.
Even my living room light is swaying.
The wind is blowing through the brick walls tonight.

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