Thursday, 13 March 2008

Snippets of News

Mews Flash: Dyeing animals--- illegal in America.
New law? Old law people never knew about.
Not exactly a spotlight topic...
Some lady who has dyed her hair so many times
That she can't dye it anymore
Has started on her poodle....
a pink poodle on the west coast
She's going to jail....
As her poodle wasn't pink originally.
Forgive the people on the west coast.
It's the sun.

Now if I were President, I would probably say this:
To the people who dye their pets.
Keep on going. Make them any colour you like.

My dear Fluffy.
I could have gone to jail for him....

Fluffy loved it though.
Green and purple hair
And walks around the blocks in a shoebox
It kept Fluffy on his toes....or her.
Was it a girl or a boy?

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