Monday, 17 March 2008

Art Tours in Progress

Again a redefinition:

Art tours:Designed for people who wanted to go into the arts, but ended up on a more practical path.... now are invited to come and explore their artistic side with an art homestay...staying with an artist for a week living , eating, sleeping, and enjoying making art with an artist....


something more structured... the tourist stays in a hotel and then each day, spends a studio visit with one or two artists so that they have a taste of the london art scene.... Hoxton, Bonnington Square, Hackney, Peckham, Cockpit Arts Holborn, From Wined up Cork street galleries to the back alleys of bohemia...

Possible Company Title:

Back Alleys of Bohemia
Winding Past Cork Street
Bespoke Art Tours
London Art Experience
Live London Art

Anyone reading this is welcome to comment or apply as an art host or tourist.You are also welcome to wish me happy birthday as it is my birthday today.

But reality is: first "art tourists" found in local pub have a tour this week with a few suggestions of restaurants, places of interest, art galleries etc.

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