Saturday, 22 March 2008

Paul Smith

Sari searching Rajastan
A logical portfolio
He strips the silky colours
From their flowing sari robes

This December turns around with
Dusky sets of khaki
Sudden daytrips to Dehli
Sketching time
Darjeeling roads

To make this shirt, I had to search the globe
You see, there are a lot of Mexicos
That make magenta--petalled rose collecting
Airmiles in the name of my collection

So I'll circle for a while
Before I pencil in a landing
Take some sips of stripey style
And understanding

more designs for Paul Smith---cups or vases?--people do not buy vases from Paul Smith as they are all thirty-something coffee drinkers. In fact, they don't drink their coffee at home. they prefer to buy over-priced lattes in recycled cardboard and walk to the office half spilling it down their flapping overcoats onto their designer ties and trendy ironic t-shirts with oversized logos accompanited by clever one-liners. I should make t-shirts for Paul rather than coffee cups...then the people can spill their coffee on it...or...just a circle with "spill your coffee here." and one lightly watercoloured stain to suggest the best area on which to spill the coffee.

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