Thursday, 27 March 2008

Lila Speaks on Lighting

Ballroom dancing
The lighting has to be...just so
Not so bright as to remind you of your office
Doing something dreadful like typing
You know those people who type
They type all day
And answer phones
What do they type?
Who knows.
I am not the type to type
Their offices have mirrored windows
So that one can not see in
So one can not even learn about what they do..
See them in there with their boardroom boss
Big long table
Door closed
No no no
This is why modern office buildings have those
Mirrored windows
Can't see in...You can only see yourself
Which is, ofcourse, a bonus.

This lighting of the ballroom must be
Dim enough to be romantic
But not so dark as to trip
I prefer a cluster of small chandeliers oddly sized
to one giant ball
Why is this?
One giant ball might
drop on your head and kill you
An end to the evening with paramedics
Dragging you off the dancefloor
Leaving one shoe behind
as they lift you onto the stretcher
Like a dead Cinderella

where as one falling small one
would only damage your dress

Don't tango directly under chandeliers
If you must,
Foxtrot in the corner

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