Saturday, 22 March 2008

Reliably Random

Why did Mr. M
Have only seven body guards
Fetching coffee
Couple scars
Driven home in different cars
Can you be

Reliably random?

They're here
So I get in
Enjoying dark sedan with him
And changing smiles for the driver
Not a fiver
Two body guards for me?
Can you be

Reliably Random?

We must be out for the excursion
One gelato-esque diversion
Pick the teacher up, reverse
He's thinking yesterday, the hurse

Don't want to be
Reliably Random
But I am in your car
So I am if you are

Changing hours change in bars
Change the "I am"
Two "you are" s

Wait and see
Reliably tandem

Scrap your lessons for the week
Need some hours here to speak
Take some books to look the part
Meet precisely after dark
They will know you
When you walk into the bar

Can you be reliably random?
By the sea... reliably hand them

Don't open it. Don't show it
You won't have to know it
I'll be coining up your purse
If you can do this quiet verse
Lip sink these lines for me
And you'll come back with a degree

Put the level test away...I'm no beginner
Bring along the news for dinner

The square root of a piece of pie
What would stop a butterfly?
The sky
And a butterfly dissected?
Butter and flies
Is it wise?

The Ferrari's no surprise
I drive a Fiat for disguise
Doesn't want to realise

That she is being
Reliably random
Something terribly
Terribly Tandem

It's a followed car
She's getting in
Dinner and a gin
How he knows her
And she knows him

Don't ask
Those questions
Don't begin

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