Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Die for Culture?

It's a great idea really.
Just a poem here.

Agri gents and gentle ladies
Dadelos to Hades
Painting academic subjects
They are dandelions to me
Don't do flowers
Don't do weeds
Dusty dandelions please
Don't make me
Twist my brush that way
I just make faces

So I shall swap the bricks for rocks
This cubed up city with its locks
A far more pretty destination--lots
More sunshine--end of plot

Come play with the pylons
I'll wear some rubber nylons
Get up past seven feet
Insure my life before we meet

A "project that has never been before"
The world's imagination is so poor.
Why no one has ever decorated electrical pylons.
Environmental sculpture
My body for the vultures
Die for culture?

Oh no don't design it.
Crew of art students to sign it.
Starry fantasy right through
To the bibilical end--it's brewed
But I shall kit up and be there with my friends

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