Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Headless Buddha

Passed the neighbours with too many plants today
Soon, their potted plants will become an official garden
Extending across the walkway.
They will charge admission.
Half price for people trying to get to the lift.
The lift repairmen were here today
Putting in a new floor.
But that is not the problem.
It just doesn't go up and down.
But who cares if it goes up and down
As long as the floor looks nice.
And the garden is also in need of repair at the moment
As one of their Buddhas has lost its head.
One would think, with the care they take with
The walkway garden
That they would toss the Buddha out altogether
Like the people in Kyoto who carefully deposit
Bad luck Buddhas in the bad buddha cemetary.
They need to redress the overall feng shui.
Headless Buddha on the right causing lopsided flow of chi.
His head is sitting in a flower pot facing the wall
Like a naughty child who has been "disruptive" today.

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