Monday, 24 March 2008

Big Tree Victory

If I could
I would just sit
Under marooned umbrella bliss
With my ruined paper fella
Taking sips and weaving trips
From the off-white faded strips
Of the crackle-creamed sun lounger

We rose from red cement sun-beaten
In that doomy neon lit...
Motel in deep Jdakarta...we said

Welcome to departure
We're as green as mossy litmus
Easy rider easy starter
On that hit we spat and spit

our stories
What a combo
All those glories
of the one-way ticket tribe
And their two-dollar nights getting lost with helpful guide

Until we found "the big tree"
The big tree victory
I told you there was a big tree
His hickory dickory big tree victory
A halla valla loo ya
Half way down a mountain in the middle of the night
My future out of sight
Brushed by greenery until I was red
Bitten by insects until I was dead
First time to be covered in leeches up to the knee
A wet sticky feeling on my leg
As we arrived at half past three
To the ship builder's bed
First and only time to see glow-in -the-dark tree roots
Forget the camera
The only other glow, the postcards that I burned
As the guide forgot the light
What a night

Sharing breakfast with the monkeys in the jungles of Sumatra
Veranda hammocks misty lake and a bowl of cornflakes
The grandma with the rice on her head ran up the hills we walked.
We walked for several days.
She passed us several times.
We passed old rusty shrines in their onion domed decline.
It used to be a church. Then it was a school.
Now, it's a shelter for whoever goes there.
What it will be next...No one knows where

Posing with "the husband" for the folks back in Korea
Who sent me here to see him. They'll like this picture
As they thought that he was real
I made him up.
I got tired of you using my personal life
As a topic for learning English.
And I don't have eight family members either
I just have one sister.
But the truth at this point, would cause a terrible blister
So I'm taking this photo....and

Editing the letters to my mother as the
Sediment's so heavy
That stamp would break the bank

Need more pirate training
Lose your life on that plane
If it don't return again

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