Saturday, 1 March 2008

Fish Prints

(Legiao Urbana-Tempo Perdido)

This strange dish of Bangladeshi fish.
I finally cooked it
as I had no other meat in the house
apart from an odd tin of Korean spam.
Which was three for a pound, but, being cautious, I just got one.
I wish I had two so I could cook one and leave the other tin to look at.
I bought it mainly for the graphics.
I had asked them in the shop if they had a circular saw
for cutting block of fish in half as it looked like it would feed twenty people
but they said....we have big this is enough for us.
Then, I got out my circular saw at home,
but couldn't change the setting for the height of the block.
Well. I did a very uninspired thing ....not so uninspired as boiling
I put it in the oven with some sauce right out of a jar.

Saving the bones to make
fish prints on everything.
I'll put them in the dishwasher.
I won't want to handle them too closely tomorrow.
Maybe wallpaper.
a tiny book of tissue paper enclosing fish spines...
a lampshade...with fish spines....
or just fish spines by themselves
in a cup
ready to touch...communing with nature....
twing twoing twing...feel that spine
the world's smallest and quietist musical instrument.
but just the right size for prints on cups. mind you,
the heads are gone.
People will's a headless fish.
OK. I'll make them into leaves.

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