Sunday, 23 March 2008

Twenty-Three Lucid Lives

1. Rumble is a plagist. He works the beach filing drinks and applying sun tans. If someone is drowning, he points them towards the lifeguard. 2 Mr. Le Something owns stretches of beach in St.Tropez. He wants Rumble, who he sees as a "volcano of vitality" to redecorate the Tiki Club--something between jungle and Sea--bikini and family. 3. Sometimes April dresses up as a mermaid. It's hard to walk, but not completely necessary. 4. Jo Cameron has lived across the road since 1948. He is one of the few originals left. 5. Cynthia could not find the original passports from thirty years ago. It was vital. 6. Bianca Zoe, a new baby in Aosta. Her father is a DJ and wears clothespegs on his nose. He has written "The Sex Appeal of Error" and split it into a performance and talk for St. Marin's. 7. Gabriel Faja helps people with their ABC's and A through G's in Hampstead. Otherwise, he's playing piano or eating operatic pasta. 8. Txomin went to live in a cave after being enlightened. The monks let him go freely. 9. Alan Parmenter plays a Gofriller violin from 1720 and rides a slightly less antique vespa...mechanical problems....The engine is baroque. 10. Raphael Barbier doesn't make clocks. He makes boxes for clocks...even more Swiss. 11. I am sandwiched between two very nice neighbours--a heart surgeon and an electrician. 12. Elizabeth Gluckstein lives between Palermo and Venice. She got tired of the garbage in Naples. 13. Peter Briggs lives between Dehli and Tours. Cheaper marble in Dehli, but heavy to ship. 14. Diana will not be Edward's house guest until he puts in an en suite bathroom for her. There is nothing more tragic than being seen without make up in a cold dark hallway. 15. Johnathan likes survival camping. He takes his tent and a few cigars. 16. Saam makes music videos. He used to live in a house where people were desiging dresses at 3 AM. He has slowed down and got an apartment, but he has also speeded up. 17. Richard has a very long list. Attending art openings is his occupation. 18. Josie's father created The Clangers. She runs a china shop where you can purchase Clanger mugs, cups with penguins playing piano, and many other floral necessities. 19. Valerie in Paris wears diamonte sunglasses in winter. They set off her velvet cowboy hat. 20. Anne Pigalle is a Smokey French Lounge Singer. Due to the smoking ban, she is just a French Lounge Singer now. 21. Josephine is a little high priced at times. "I'm coming, so do stock up on quality meat and cheese." 22. John's friend flies a 747. He lives in Nice. It's a three hour commute. 23. Adrian is campaigning for a fig-leaf free world.

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