Sunday, 16 March 2008

De-Clutter Gulag

So let's find this shed key...

Give me a break. I just found it yesterday.
Where did I find it?

We are not going to spend time
About this key...we are going to look for it....

No. I need to remember where I found it yesterday
In order to find it easier today.
Ah yes. It was in the pocket of a doll dress in the bottom
of the toy box.
See...not even my fault that it went missing.
You think I put this key in the pocket of a doll dress?

You do have a habit of putting the important things
In such mysterious places, that you lose them.
Do you still have those keys buried outside?

Just need some time to stop looking for them
And they will appear.

(Hours later)


What is this pink bit of glitter?
Do you need it?

Yes, I need pink glitter. It's not glitter. It's foil.
It was the cover from a nice box of parfum.


No. It will not be crazy once it goes
In a certain corner of my collage.

And the giant plastic insect...
How are you going to collage that?

Oh no. It's a toy praying mantis.
Just a reminder not to bite Swiss man again.

What is this chappatti flour box doing on the book shelf?
Have you read it yet?
No. Not everyday you see an elephant in pink and purple.
I have a friend who collects elephants at a museum in Hungary.
She will love it...or I will put it in my next collage.
But it's important.
I just have to cut it out.

You have to cut a lot of things out Joanne.

Well, not the elephant.
Please let me keep the elephant.

You do not need two desks.

Yes. I do...
One desk is for paperwork.
The other desk....I'm going to make some excellent
pictures on this desk.
And collage it like the kitchen table.

Is there anything you won't collage?

Ofcourse. I don't collage appliances.
Look...the dryer, the toaster, the dishwasher.

What happened to the shower?
Yes. But that's not an appliance.

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