Friday, 29 February 2008

The Chosen Free

(Rock It-Flashback--I love it...Acid Folk ---press title link above)

Download that page and print it out
The numbered forms.
The ink runs out.
Make sure all lines are filled out typed
to the letter, be polite
Don't forget your four photos
A frontal pic...mid-centred nose.

Early to the embassy
A citizen of "chosen free"
If ever yearns for other shores,
They'll be another door.

Thank God I do not have to choose
Between the stripes and
Land of booze.
But I do not want to lose
My boy to the red , white and blues.
Will he want a Chevy truck
Or will he think those people suck?
He might prefer a pint of piss
and forego this generation's continental abyss.

And how did that turn out? Crap! crap crap crap! Red tape longer than a roll of toilet paper.
I had all the school paperwork, diplomas, transcripts, naturalization papers, everything... But there is one little snagging clause...US citizen parent must be present in the US for a period of one year prior to the birth of the child." And as I have too many exit stamps in my passport, they want further proof of this in the form of an old passport. I lived there most of my life and these school papers are not proof enough? "No. You may have been doing a degree, but you may also have flown off to Mexico for the weekend." Right. At that point, I wanted to take the gun out and shoot him.Yes. I had a gun with me....Ben's toy plastic gun. Three hours waiting outside to go through upstepped security...and they missed the gun. They did manage to take away his Lightenineg McQueen car though as it had a battery in it that might explode.

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