Thursday, 27 March 2008

Wentworth and Rachel Ray

(Good friends of Double Door Norma)

About Wentworth
He were gone a long while
Long enough for Rachel Ray to find another man
And almost have a baby
Except that Wentworth came back
Just in time
No hard feelin's on either side
Wentworth and Rachel
Happy as they ever were...
Happy as they ever were
The other man?
He don't feel bad at all
He don't feel nothin'
He dead.

I ain't pointin' no fingers
Point your fingers in this town...
You got a choice....
Cut off or shot off

Dear Wentworth.....
He just came from a loggin competition
Northern Alaska
There's Alaska....
And there's Northern Alaska
Even people from Alaska don't go to Northern Alaska
What for? you wanna see more snow?
Snows the same down here.
As far as Alaskan men...and other men who just happen to be in Alaska
The odds are good....But the goods are very very odd...that's what they say

Now Wentworth
Ain't nothin' Alaskan about him
He from fine stock
And we ain't talkin' chicken broth
His name....could be the street his mama lived on
He may be named after one of his possible fathers

He on a fine track now....with Rachel Ray
Been datin' for ages
Parents own the diner on 9th Avenue and Main
First, folk were thinkin'
He only after the free ham and mash
But as the diner's been closed now for a while
and bein' they still together
Reckon it's more than pig and potatoes
It the long haul
Specially as he's done with haulin' logs

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