Sunday, 16 March 2008

Route Home

Well, there was Donald...Derrick, what was his name?Dominic...Darling
Who once had a part in a film
Something about an arm missing, some flies that died and had to reorder
New flies which held up the filming.
In the end, they put the flies
Care of computer graphics.

N41 bus driver,
A rather relaxed policy towards people
Who can't find their beepy cards
Searched for payment
But couldn't get through the glass.
Told him to google Double Door Norma
But I don't think he uses the computer.

There were three girls all in black and one girl
Who had neon shoes...a good match for Travis.

There was Traverse.....pronounced
Travis....from Australia...lives in Limehouse.
What was up with his t-shirt?
Don't fool me.
You could see it had never been worn.....
And as it was given to him six months ago by a good friend,
It's more of an insult to wear it tonight---the fresh creases
Pretending it's his favourite t-shirt.
Now he can safely go home and throw it away.
However, I know him. even though I don't.
I bet he'll keep it--rumpled up in the back of the closet.

It was a very neon mouse with Japanese writing below.
Very in our face.
He asked me what it if I know....
"This mouse wants to climb right up your ass."
He said that that was a very long sentence for such few characters.
Agreed, but explained that Japanese, being so complex,
Was a highly condensed language.

Mice: An excerp I wish I could erase
A book on torture in Central America
That I gave away. Tore off the cover.
Only managed to forget the title.

The long-skirted two A.M. Lady
in Tesco Red
We speculated out loud--
No I think she's just come from a concert
I thought it was suede.
What, her skirt?
She said it was linen--and she's looking for her favourite buns .
All gone at this time of night.
Been ballroom dancing and lived in California for nine years.
Chatted til we found a raisin bun.
I was in a Chicken shack mood for some reason.
But always regret shacking up chicken style.
No there is no remote control.
Use the buttons.

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