Saturday, 15 March 2008

Friendly Banter

Oh my Grandchild....
Poor lovely
Look at the mother you have though.
No wonder you're a caveman.

Have you read that book yet?
Why haven't you read those books...
Oh you'll probably never read them.
Three books...all to do with how toddlers
Are essentially cavemen.

It's the parent's responsibility
To bring them up through the
Thousands of years of evolution
Present in each year of their growth.

I will read the caveman toddler book
When I find the time.
Meanwhile, don't worry. As you see,
From "the state of this house", we're
Living in 1000BC.

I get "The state of this house...."
For a sock out of place....
So I may as well leave the
Chainsaw out on the kitchen floor.
Just be glad it's not plugged in.

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