Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Cowboys They Couldn't Kill

(A slightly wilder than usual evening at Climate of Change)

What happened to industrial fishing net girl? The black-lipped/white-faced girl from the Pin Wheels making jerky doll movements while she screamin' "push me---- brake me--- push me---- brake me " or was it "break me?" Never seen an industrial fishing net used as a tutu-skirt before. Orange, but it worked. I'll try it at home.

Gadget--a man who is constantly recieving messages from the universe, so he has a dictaphone around his neck to record it all. Otherwise, he gets completely swamped. No, he doesn't do personal readings.

Ecuador the magician producing rubbery poos...not from Ecuador at all. If he wants to be from South America, he should start with a name like Edouardo...not the whole country.

Edouardo---the Jean-Michel Basquiat of Columbia. Wearing a shirt reminiscent of French bistros with their red and white checquerd table cloths, he seemed more Parisian. He dances a very tight tango and an even tighter salsa---so tight, he hardly moves. His rhythym is top secret.

Callum lying in a pool of blood with a tree trunk through his torso....and a Mercedes Benz "can I help" you name tag on...with his last breath, "give me the cheapest champagne you got...the cheapest champagne you got. where's my gold pin? I wanna die with my gold pin in my hand....22 years....22 years here. Can't anyone hear me? 22 years. " An appropo performance for an ex Mercedes showroom.

Yann the Berlinese Bass player in the reformation of the band Johnny Cash Money is actually from Hamburg and the bass--a rubber bucket with some sort of projectile coming out of it....altogether classic as opposed to classical. The name of the band has changed to The Dead Cowboys... no... The Cowboys They Couldn't Kill...and now Marco is involved. He stands at the side of the stage posing as the sherriff. With the 1975-look CHIPS mirrored sunglasses and enough badges on his leather jacket to prick a whale to death....he's a key player. He says that Decima gallery functions are a bit like Soho in the bordering on danger.

Fisherman Mike off to the offy with Geraldine, Gabriel--found a pack of cigarettes in the road which she generously shared, Anne Pigalle in her diamonte sunglasses sheltering herself from the flourescent lighting, arrived in a mid-length fur with matching hat. There was no comment from the tree-hugging vegans who had organised the event...too busy opening beers on the mantlepiece...too wrapped up in their own dreadlocks to notice and Diana went home early. Richard had the night off.

Double Door Norma has a few new lines: You there in the army fatigues....pretending to be a soldier......closest you've pra'lly been to Iraq--pra'lly a beach towel in Turkey. Roll it up boy..Take yo tannin' cream home.

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